Guess What Sister? You Can Get A Redo

Never say never. Seriously. Because you literally have no fucking idea what is around the corner. You might be one moment away from massive change. Sometimes that change is good, sometimes not so good. Sometimes because of your own doing, because you want a redo.

Take me for example. 21 years spent in a courtroom, working as a prosecutor, a public defender and a private criminal defense attorney. One day, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and signed up as consultant with an MLM. Never in a million years did I envision myself in sales, much less direct sales, much less skincare. But I guess the question is, why? What happened? Practicing law was the script I had written for my life. You know what was NOT in that script? Most of everything else that has happened in my life after my first son was born.

There was literally nothing else I wanted to do with my life other than be a prosecutor. I went after it and landed a job straight outta law school. The script I had written played out and I was living my best life. 5 years later, life took a turn; a new script was getting written. One that I never thought was for me.

Life unfolded and I was not in control. Apparently, I was not the author of this screenplay. You know that saying…we make plans and God laughs. I switched sides, became a criminal defense attorney. I had four sons, less than 4 years apart. I worked full time in court with a son who was not yet 4, a 17 month old baby boy and newborn boy identical twins. I got divorced from their Dad after thirteen years of marriage. And yes, you read that right. Four boys.

Being a full time working mom with 4 kids, I generally felt awful about myself. Always late for that well timed mid-morning school play, and never able to remember pajama day, I told myself I was a terrible mother, letting my (amazing) nanny raise my kids, teach them to tie their shoes, witnessing all those precious moments I was missing and would never get back. By the time I left a full day in court, finished up at the grocery store and got home to make dinner, I was exhausted and defeated. You know that impossible nighttime routine: make dinner, change diapers, get the kids fed, clean up from dinner, get them to shower, or take a bath, get the homework done, get in some cuddling, and finally bedtime. But what about those cases I had to prep? I’d figure it out the next day because survival meant flying by the seat of my pants. But I sure as shit beat myself up. That I was a bad lawyer because maybe I could have prepared another hour or done a better job. And so on. A bad Mom. A not good enough lawyer.

Running ragged and frazzled went on for years, people, years. I looked for balance. For five years, I bitched and moaned to a friend of mine (I’ll call her T) while I laid on T’s table getting endermologie treatments. Sidenote, I can’t live without these so hit me up if you want a referral. I still go to her. One day, T told me about a new client of hers who was selling Rodan + Fields skincare. T said, “Lisa this is your way out”. Thinking it a ridiculous because I knew squat about sales or skincare or even what Rodan + Fields was, I rejected the suggestion. I seriously did not even know what the term “direct sales” meant. But, after a particularly hideous week, and trying a sample of the products, I met up with T’s client and decided that I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying. I signed up. When you hit rock bottom, you seriously have nothing to lose.

I was absolutely sure that everyone would be laughing at me behind my back, that I was crazy for becoming “that girl” who couldn’t cut it as a lawyer and had to sling eye cream. Annoy her friends on facebook. But I did it anyway. Why? Because I wanted a balanced life where I could actually spend time with my sons. Because they were growing up so flippin fast and would be leaving for college and their life apart from me and I had already missed most of their childhood sitting in a courtroom waiting for some judge to get back from his two hour lunch to call my one fucking case so I could COME HOME! Because I was exhausted. Because there had to be a better way then the way I was living my life. Because I wanted choices, possibilities, a feeling of hope, a feeling of freedom and control of my time. Because I hated my work/life “balance” and I was brave enough to admit it and then actually do something about it. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Because I wanted to show my sons that anything is possible through hard work and grit.

So, now I’m just over two years into my business and I thank God daily that I took the leap. Law is a thing of the past. It’s like I got released from jail after straight time, no good time/work time credit. My inactive bar license gives me a sense of freedom. Where and when I work is up to me. I designed this life and I’m so freakin grateful for all the tough stuff that led up to this. Right now, I have a team of women in three countries. Pretty sure we will be building a team in Asia by the end of this year with many incredible countries after that. I have no idea what is in the pages of the script yet to unfold. But there’s always a chance for a redo. And that’s more than ok.

7 thoughts on “Guess What Sister? You Can Get A Redo

  1. Every day I learn something about you that makes me more proud than the day before. And you can damn sure write

  2. So happy for you! We make many plans but it’s HE who directs our steps! I feel honored to be apart of what God is doing in your life…very inspiring! ❤️

  3. So glad to be on your team!

  4. So amazing Lisa my heart is pounding and tears of inspiration are falling from my eyes! Wow!

  5. I hear you. I am proud for you. Thank you for the authenticity (and the great skincare line you share with us!).

  6. Shannon McAuliffe May 30, 2019 — 5:52 am

    Always a baller my dear – as a mother of 4, as a lawyer, as a consultant, as a team leader, as a writer and a best friend – I LOVE THIS. WRITE MORE!!

  7. LOVE this and can’t wait to learn more from you my friend. You are amazing and talented. ‘Let’s Hustle’ xoxo

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